Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action Program

A world class workshop in the development of coaching and leadership excellence

2024 Workshops

Workshop Overview

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Patterns of speech known as Linguistic actions – they shape reality and can be used effectively in coaching and leadership to shift behaviour.

Listening – apply a different and deeper approach to the role of listening and be more influential as a result.



Moods and Emotions – understand their essential role in coaching. leading and life for deep and sustainable change

Shift the ways moods and emotions impact on communication, behaviour and performance



Bring into play the body as a source of learning and change.

Observe and work with the interconnection between basic moods, body posture and language


  • Manager and Leader who knows you could be more effective and feel stuck
  • A Manager and Leader who has been promoted and wants to scale up
  • An existing coach who wants to develop your capacity further
  • Considering coaching as a vocation
  • An Organisational consultant who would like to add even more value
  • An individual interested in personal development

What you will learn and be able to do

Use language to create a shift in your own Way of Being as well as those you work with, including:

  • Interrupt your habitual listening and be more influential through listening differently
  • Distinguish between the Basic Linguistic Acts, which we use all the time, and be able to use them effectively to achieve results and increase your fulfillment
  • Experience a self-coaching framework that you can use on a continual basis when you are stuck or would like to grow your capacity.
  • Coach people across language, moods and the body – frameworks are offered for each of these key areas of learning.
  • Understand how you are as a learner and how you can optimize your learning in all areas of your life.
  • Gain an in depth understanding of moods and how you can bring about a change in moods that aren’t so helpful.
  • Have a rationale for working with moods and the body that you can share with others, that makes this area of learning accessible and pragmatic.
  • Become a more powerful observer by learning about the notion of concerns and breakdowns.

Quite simply…. From Participants

I am excited to notice how deep the shifts are in the way I observe and listen! It already has a great impact on the way I show up and relate to the people I love and work with.- Caroline Veerman, Transformational Presence Coach and Leader
The 3-day course is stimulating, powerful and fun. It shines a light on the unconscious fundamentals of our daily human experience and offers a practical toolkit for working with these elements to connect better with ourselves and others. Its deep roots give it broad application, equally valuable for improving personal relationships, becoming a stronger leader in the workplace or exploring professional coaching as a possible career move.- Jake Morris, Management Consultant
The 3 day course was extremely insightful and interesting, and I learnt a huge amount in this short time about myself and how I can be of service to others. I look forward to learning so much more. Thank you Karen….it was an honour meeting you and spending these three days under your care and guidance.- Lauren Rohloff
An enriching and life changing experience. Giving up 3 days of your time to enhance the quality of your relationship with yourself and others is time well spent. This workshop exceeded my expectations by miles. The multidimensional approach comes together expertly. If you want to make internal and external shifts in the interests of your own well-being and those around you, this is for you.- Dianne Pain-Risgaard, Coach
This course was far more than I could have hoped. I was able to make myself vulnerable and begin to work towards a fuller, enriched understanding of myself. I chose this workshop to develop my skills in coaching in the workplace... it not only delivered on this but also enabled a deeper awareness of how I show up in the world. Anyone in the People, Coaching, Development space can benefit from this workshop and this is also for you if you want to get to know yourself more deeply and explore any internal self talk or issues that you want to begin letting go of. PS. ``The course was so significant in my journey and enabled me to make a more positive shift in my mind, body and emotion - which I believe helped me in getting a job soon after attending.”- Dina Manne, Organisational Psychologist
The course is well integrated, grounded and filled with practical learning and application. Surely one of the best coaching interventions I attended.- Hendrik Crafford, Financial Service Coach & Entrepreneur