A powerful approach to coaching that generates real change for individuals, teams and organisations.


If you want a coach who can support you to develop your capacity and potential, and develop excellence in your life, and relationships, you have come to the right place! Our coaches are professionals who have invested at least 18 months of their lives developing coaching excellence. In the process they have walked their own personal development journey.

Karen White

Karen has a passion for developing coaches and supports organisations create fundamental shifts and get long term sustainable excellent results.

Alan Sieler

Alan is the founder and Director of the Ontological Coaching Institute and focuses on communication processes that build high performance cultures.

Julia Bonadei

Julia Bonadei is an experienced executive coach with 9 years’ experience in leadership development and coaching at individual and team level.

Getti Mercorio

Getti is a certified ontological coach, facilitator and business improvement consultant with more than 30 years’ experience in a range of organisations.

Caroline Ravenall

Caroline is an executive coach with over 15 years’ experience in leadership development, culture change, team and individual coaching.

Helena Dolny

Dr Helena Dolny is an executive coach with fifteen years of coaching experience undertaking leadership coaching with individuals and teams.

Anine Bennett

Anine is an Ontological Coach, Organisational Psychologist with 17 years’ experience in Coaching, Leadership and Team Development.

Keith Harvey

Keith operates from a strong sense of purpose and is attracted to helping others, striving towards excellence with efficiency, precision and discernment.

Tshepo Modise Harvey

Tshepo is a certified Ontological Coach who helps individuals and teams observe differently, and explore possibilities to cultivate a more resourceful way of being.

Jenny Hoggarth

Jenny is an executive coach and business leader with 19 years’ fulltime coaching experience, who is regarded as a founding member of the coaching profession in SA.

Sue Welman

Sue is a practicing executive coach, believing that focusing on the whole person enables sustainable change which directly benefits the organisation.

Lauren Rohloff

Lauren is a personal wellness life coach, with a special interest in chronic illnesses and addiction but is skilled in working over a range of personal needs.

Stephen Beukes

Stephen is a professional life coach. He works with his clients to live with a sense of flourishing and contributing to a common purpose that matters.

Janine Flint

Janine is an online learning development specialist and in-house coach for talented South African youth (ages 20-35) with over 15 years’ experience.

Nobonke van Tonder

Nobonke is an Ontological Coach, Clinical Psychologist, Dancer and Process Artist. She coaches the Body as source of insight, release, spirit and holistic health.

Alf Pain

Alf Pain is a certified Ontological leadership development coach and managing director of KPR Human Resources Partner and Keystone Youth Academy.

Erma Steyn

Erma is an executive and team coach and psychologist with 18 years’ experience in leadership, team and organisational development and individual coaching.

Sharon Wakeford

Sharon works with people and groups in a wide variety of settings and contexts to have different conversations, interactions and to take different action.

Shanaaz Parker

Shanaaz is a qualified industrial psychologist and accredited ontological coach with 20 years’ experience in human resources in the financial services industry.

Paula Hathorn

Paula is an individual and team coach with over 30 years’ experience in organisational capacity building through learning from practice.

Paddy Gray

Paddy is an executive coach and business transformation consultant with over 10 years’ experience in leadership development, team and individual coaching.

Karen Nebe

Karen’s strength lies in connecting with people - she gently nudges and facilitates a space for them to observe differently.

Belinda Coleman

Belinda is an executive coach who works with leaders and individuals to design and live their best lives.

Annabel Cuypers

Annabel is an executive coach and human resources consultant with 15 years’ experience in leadership development.

Claudia Boers

Helping you become your own best resource, overcome fear, get unstuck and embrace new possibilities.

Nicky Wilson-Harris

Nicky is an eclectic master practitioner in leadership development and growth.