A powerful approach to coaching that generates real change for individuals, teams and organisations.


If you want a coach who can support you to develop your capacity and potential, and develop excellence in your life, and relationships, you have come to the right place! Our coaches are professionals who have invested at least 18 months of their lives developing coaching excellence. In the process they have walked their own personal development journey.

Slavka Vrabek

Slavka loves people. Her strength lies in connection and care. She is an internationally certified ontological coach, consultant and facilitator.

Anine Bennett

Anine is an Ontological Coach, Organisational Psychologist with 17 years’ experience in Coaching, Leadership and Team Development.

Karen White

Karen has a passion for developing coaches and supports organisations create fundamental shifts and get long term sustainable excellent results.

Alan Sieler

Alan is the founder and Director of the Ontological Coaching Institute and focuses on communication processes that build high performance cultures.

Julia Bonadei

Julia Bonadei is an experienced executive coach with 9 years’ experience in leadership development and coaching at individual and team level.

Caroline Ravenall

Caroline is an executive coach with over 15 years’ experience in leadership development, culture change, team and individual coaching.

Tshepo Modise Harvey

Tshepo is a certified Ontological Coach who helps individuals and teams observe differently, and explore possibilities to cultivate a more resourceful way of being.

Erma Steyn

Erma is an executive and team coach and psychologist with 18 years’ experience in leadership, team and organisational development and individual coaching.

Annabel Cuypers

Annabel is an executive coach and human resources consultant with 15 years’ experience in leadership development.